Peebles Orchestra

Peebles Orchestra was founded in 1976 and plays an important part in the cultural life of the area.

The Orchestra is essentially a chamber orchestra with strings, double woodwind, horns and trumpets.

It's a community group and we welcome all interested players. Though we rehearse seriously, aiming for a high level of performance, our rehearsals are fun and enjoyed by all.

Peebles Youth and Community Orchestra is the beginners' section of Peebles Orchestra. We are looking for adult beginners and young people of all ages to join PYCO.

What's Coming . . .

The next Peebles Orchestra Concert is on Saturday May 13th, 2017 - for more information see the Events page.

Rehearsals are under way for the next concert on May 13th. If you need further information please get in touch via the Contact Us page or just come along at 7.20pm any rehearsal Wednesday to St Joseph's Hall, where rehearsals are held. Click here for a map